Urgent!! ClickBait get income more …

Currently, clickbait is often characterized by wording like, “You won’t believe” or “What happened next will shock you,” or other unverifiable assertions in a desperate attempt to spark your curiosity into a click.

How does clickbait work?

Clickbait works by creating a sentence that invites viewers to come to see the contents of the content.
The purpose of clickbait looking for visitors if you are a publisher do it right now. Many are fooled by the news presented in the online media news that excited happened at one time will help increase visitors, remember even if you make happiness make sure the content of the content you create has a relationship with clickbait that is used to keep the viewer persisting in the content.

Please choose the example below using the clicbait answer in the comment column!

Example Y : “Mycha started drinking two glasses of bitter-guard juice everyday for seven days and the results are amazing.”

Example X : “A school girl gave her lunch to a homeless man. What he did next will leave you in tears!”