SEO Post article – WordPress

Hi everyone welcome back to my post, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for creating and running various types of websites. For those who are using it for the first time, they will definitely be confused with a number of terms of tools and features, including when creating content. There are many features that can be maximized in creating SEO-friendly content, this time i will share about SEO Article wordpress. I have a few points :

Create an alt image of the name in the article

ALT text, or ALT-like tags are HTML attributes that define alternative text to be displayed when photos cannot be displayed. let’s say you are searching the internet using a browser that does not support images. When you come to a site with lots of pictures, there you not only see a collection of blank spots where the image looks broken, there you will also see ALT text instead of images.
so see the image side right is an example for us to implement alt images. Why should we use it because google has a search based on images.

Use tag heading

The heading tag is used in HTML to define headings of a page. Headings are defined by <hn> , with “n” being a number between 1 and 6, and determines which position a heading has in the hierarchy of the heading structure.
In general, the Heading Tag is used to create a title in an HTML document or Blog Post or also on the Web. You need to know that the Heading Tag is included in the On Page SEO Technique

Make up what titles they find

It’s a good idea to make a title with what other people will be looking for. our example will discuss about wordpress we can make a title to install wordpress quickly or beginner SEO WordPress

Use tag article

WordPress tags are one of the many tools or features used to group posts or content based on something similar. Usually tags are located below the post or in the sidebar. When a blog or website visitor clicks on a specific tag, WordPress will redirect to an archive page (tag page) – indexing all posts and custom post types with the same tag.