How to brand create awareness from impact COVID-19 #WFH #DigitalStrategyBrand

COVID-19 Very danger, Deaths per million were calculated by Our World in Data based by diving these death numbers from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) by population figures published in the United Nations’ World Population Prospects.

I thinks brands with segement to healthy can provide this moment because peoples in a panic, Panic for self protect.

Government in a every country do step for WORK FROM HOME for stop dissemination to people

So can you view from helicopter views Whats you look important ? if you smart people this moment you can the benefit for branding with digital maybe with objective awareness because people not breve for buying. 

Or you can make a games simple in media social for people which bored in a work from home. A sample game you can create a game relationship for play with other people’s.