Case Study Google AdWords : Usability improvements see Szkla’s mobile revenue surge by 60% year over year

Szkla is a retailer of contact lenses and glasses headquartered in Kraków.

Their Goals : Overhaul mobile site usability.

Their Approach : Improved page loading on mobile devices, Added ability to email or call directly from site.

Their Results : Improved mobile revenue by 60% year over year Boosted mobile-supported conversions by 55%.

With more than 45% of their traffic coming from mobile and conversions being very poor compared to their desktop site, they knew they needed to do something to improve their mobile site experience. While some users might prefer to order a first prescription on desktop, their mobile site needed to offer better support to those users who needed more information or wanted to speak directly with an optometrist.

Their data told them that when users came across desktop pages on the site, they were much more likely to leave the site without converting than if they were kept on mobile optimised pages. Their first order of business was to make their entire site mobile friendly.

They also wanted to ensure that users had the same conversion opportunities on mobile that they had on desktop. While there would still be actions that some users might prefer to perform on desktop, it was important that their users not feel that they were getting a reduced experience on mobile.

The team at Szkla recognised that they were not making the most of features which were ideal for users already on a phone. So, they added click-to-call phone numbers and made it easy to email them directly from the site, ensuring that users could reach Szkla both in the research and final purchase stages of the customer journey.Szkla wanted to give users on smartphones all the same opportunities to engage with them on mobile as they had on desktop, and they wanted to facilitate users converting in whatever manner worked best for them.

The results matched that ambition. Not only did they see a 60% increase in revenue from mobile year over year, they also saw that mobile assisted conversions on other devices grew by 55%. By usingAdWords cross-device conversions as a tracking tool, they were able to measure value across screens and inform channel investments.

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