Branding and integration assets digital

Branding and integration with your corporate and offline marketing

Your corporate and offline marketing strategy will give the context for you digital marketing plans. As much of you marketing is likely to be based on the content you develop, you will need to ensure that your website, blog, email and social media profiles are all performing properly and have the necessary functionality implemented for uploading and sharing content.

Owned assets website and apps

Your owned assets need to have the correct tracking and be populated with quality content that works for the user, SEO purposes and to improve the credibility of your brand :

  • You will need to develop and improve your website and other content assets across your own and third-party platforms
  • You will need to check the technical aspects of your site and your other assets, such as : Technical SEO, load speed, AMP etc
  • You will also need to check or improve the quality of the content and design elements of your website and social profiles. Do you have the necessary trust signals, is there consistency across platforms or chanels, are they suitble for your target audiences.