It makes good business sense to maximise customer retention and loytalty, through proactive customer service and providing an excellent customer experience.

You may need to have a team that is responsible for this role. This often falls to customer services, marketing or sales. These teams should work together ongoing customer communications to increase purchase frequency and customer lifetime value. Techniques such as remarketing, social, content, email strategies, outbound calls/visits etc. Are often used to encourage retention and for cross and up-selling.

You may need to use specific CRM or ecommerce technology to aid in the retention process or to prevent defections. You may also be required to report on customer retention vs churn, cross and upselling, and lifetime value of customers. Managing customer service online and in public eye.

In the past, poor customer service could often be dealt with behind closed doors. However, now when a customer is not satisfied, ther will often resort to social media as their preferred route to air complaints and issues with the motive of trying to get a quicker response.

Good customer service can often generate good publicity, reviews and brand reputation, which can help advocacy.