We have to check all the opportunities that exist for the user to see all the opportunities that exist to test the user. At the webinar event held by magnus in the user engagement event described by moengage. About addressing the issue.

  • Convenience vs Promotions
    • Are you selling too much? Or are we selling whats relevant
  • A/B testing or sending personalized segmented campaigns
    • Using segemention & personalized campaign to gain user attention
  • Stitching user journeys
    • Using various channels to maximize engagements


Who & Why ?

  • Process of dividing the entire market population into multiple meaningful segments based on marketing variables
  • Reduces the populations in the market and gives a much more addressable audience rather than giving random groups of people
  • Brings relevance to the communication
  • Reduce costs, target customers better, increased retention


  • Geographic – Target based on customers predefined geographic boundaries
    • EX : Customer who are residing in bandung age 20
  • Demographic – Target based on customers demographic features like age, gender, education etc
    • EX : Customers who are in 18 to 24 age group
  • Pyschographic – Target based onn customers intrinsic traits like lifestyle, interests etc
    • EX : Middle aged, long weekend, beach loving customers
  • Behavioral – Similar to psychographic but derived based on cutomers behavior with the brand
    • EX : Discount seeking, long drive loving customer

Soruce by moengage and magnus