Fundamental stage 0 – 20
In this age range, a child begins to learn to find solutions to overcome the daily problems faced. At times like this too, a child begins to really recognize the social pressure of the surrounding environment. A turbulent time, a time when we are greatly influenced by the environment. Not to mention the influence is influenced by the surrounding environment. Not to mention the influence of hormones in themselves which also affect the internal condition of the self.

Forefront stage 20 – 40
In this second stage most people start looking for their livelihood. Most of us can’t or don’t want to depend our lives on our parents anymore. In this phase of life too many of us are trying to exert the best abilities we have in the hope of producing satisfying financial results or building a reputation in our community. For this reason this phase of life is safeguarded forefront.

Foster Stage 40 – 60
Some of us already have families with a steady condition, a clear career, or have been able to make a meaningful contribution in the surrounding environment. This point becomes very important for one’s life for his future. At this time, many people are encouraged to reflect on themselves and look for the meaning of life in truth. After passing the mid-life crisis, our condition has changed again. Many of us no longer only pay attention to ourselves. Instinctively, we will change to contribute to the progress of the communities around us in a variety of ways.

Final Stage 60 – 80
At this stage of life, we have so many life experiences. With this provision, we are encouraged to use it to help others. Experience is not necessarily just something technical, but it can also be a way of life. At this time also we will increasingly appreciate every moment in life. The more conscious a person is in the period of life that has been tested, the greater is also for him to utilize the time spent.

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