Their Story : Keeping it clean

Dettol is a well-known manufacturer of peronal germ protection and antiseptic cleaning products, The brand enjoys great product awareness in Indonesia and is one of the most trusted brands in the country.

Their Goal : Gathering insights

Dettol wanted to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns, their impact on sales, and the synergies between different media channels.

Their Solution : Mobile-first impact during ramadan

Dettol ran a facebook and intagram photo and video ad campaign to reinforce its messaging during ramadan, as people use both of these platforms more often during this period. The brand also ran a TV campaign at the same time.

With the help of facebook and the research agency kantar, Dettol carried out a consumer-mix modelling study. This study helps advertiser understand how well different elements of their markeing campaign work-both together and individually-by analysing their impact on purchasing behavior before, during and after the time they run. In particulat, Dettol analysed overall sales uplift, how reach and frequency effected results, and how ads in different channels impacted different audiences.

To create the video ads, the brand partnered with Facebook’s Mobile Work programme to adapt an existing TV commercial into several 15-second video ads the ads were formatted for both square and vertical viewing experiences so that they would look better on mobile devices. The video also used horizontal split screens to highlight and emphasise the brand messaging. Dettol first posted the photo and video, and then boosted them as ads to reach a wider audience. All the ads linked to Dettol;s page on Shopee, a popular ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia.
The campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram for seven weeks, reaching indonesia women aged 25-37. Dettol also used reach and frequency buying to reach people several times during the campaign period.

Their Success : Enforcing brand reach

Consumer-mix modelling has helped Dettol track the impact of itss multichannel media spend on offline sales, allowing the brand to further refine and optimise its future campaigns for geographical location, audience and scale. The april-june 2019 campaign saw the following results :

  • 82% lift in likelihood to purchase among people exposed to ads on both TV and Facebook
  • 2% incremental reach from facebook

Products used

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Iintagram engaged audience

Source :
Agency : Kantar Indonesia