Their Story : Family nutrition

Frisian Flag is a global dairy-based nutrition specialist that provides milk drinks for children and families. The brand is one of the market leaders in Indonesia and has enjoyed great brand awareness for generations.

Their Goal : Ecommerce expansion

Frisian Flag had recently expanded into ecommerce by partnering with Lazada and wanted to drive a higher volume of online sales during Singles’ Day and 12.12, important regional mega-sales days.

Their Solution : Power of collaboration

Frisian Flag and Lazada partnered on a campaign using Facebook’s Collaborative Ads to promote its dairy products on the ecommerce platform. The company also worked closely with media agency ADA Indonesia to develop the campaign strategy. 

Ahead of the mega-sales days, the brand ran video and photo ads in carousel format to raise awareness for the upcoming promotions. On the mega-sales days themselves, Frisian Flag ran Collaborative Ads, which automatically displayed products that people would be more likely to have an interest in, based on their preferences. All ads used the online purchases objective to reach people who were more likely to make a purchase.

The campaign ran for more than ten weeks over both mega-sales days.

Frisian Flag broadly targeted the campaign to Indonesian women aged 20-35 with an interest in motherhood and a preference for quality products.

In addition, the brand retargeted ads to people who had previously added products to their carts but didn’t purchase. The campaign used automatic placements to deliver the ads cost-effectively across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, and campaign budget optimisation to identify the best opportunities for results across all ad sets in real time. 

Their Success : Ready to scale up

Frisian Flag’s October–December 2019 campaign helped the brand successfully establish its ecommerce business in Indonesia, and delivered the following results : 

6.3X return on ad spend and 9 million people reached.

Product ads : 

  • Collaborative ads
  • Carousel
  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Automatic ads
  • Core Audience

Source :

Agency : ADA Indonesia